10 Interiors Pinners to follow on Pinterest (posted 26th June 2012)

Pinterest is like some amazing Pyramid Scheme, but without the Big Guy at the top creaming off all the money from the Little Guys on the bottom layer. No? Pinterest is like some fantastic version of Chinese Whispers, but without the loss of message halfway down the line? Try again? Let me think...A Magic Porridge Pot of images, ideas and inspiration, but without the overflowing mess and the..errr...porridge? No?

OK, Pinterest is the biggest and most effort-rewarding, visual feast that gives a decent image the opportunity to go viral and spread through 'word of Pinterest'.

When I say "effort-rewarding" I mean that if you spend the time, find some great people to follow, post your own images, get followers, and contribute regularly, your effort is rewarded by more and more visual inspiration from a wider and wider sea of sources. Post an image to your followers, a couple of them repin that image, and then its available to their followers, and then their followers, and their followers and on and on ad infinitum.

So here is my pick of Pinners on Pinterest. These are the guys that keep my (P)interest going and get me going back for more, have a look-see and Follow!

In no particular order....(click on the image and it should take you there!)

And a couple of extra ones worth a look...DEAR PHOTOGRAPH is a wonderful phenomenon seeped in nostalgia and really quite beautiful in parts....

And "Awkward Family Pics" is worth a look for a really good laugh....

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