A Bit More About Design for CGI (posted 5th May 2017)

We’ve been working on some really great designs for CGI’s at Suna Interior Design so we thought we’d share a bit of our experience in the industry and chat about why well designed CGI’s are a really great tool in the house selling process. As you may have read from our previous blogs about Design for CGI (Design for CGI – The World of Designing Interiors for CGI’s & On The Sofa With Sharon), this department is headed up by Lead Interior Designer Sharon Maskell who has an exceptional knowledge of design and has been working in the interior design industry for over 20 years!

We can’t share all of them with you, yet, but watch this space… in the mean time take a look at what Sharon has to say and scroll down to the bottom to click through to our Design For CGI Magazine

What trends have you noticed emerging in your designs for CGI at the moment?
There is a movement towards much more atmospheric images and it’s something that we always look out for with our CGI partners. So images aren’t necessarily about perfection but about creating a more ‘real’ experience not a hyperreal photographic image.  We take a very bespoke approach to each and every piece that we select for a design.  Whether that’s the cushions on the sofa or the toiletries in the bathroom and this is another way to create a multi layered realistic image full of personality and life.

A Bit More About Design for CGI
This is one of our current favourite images, it’s atmospheric and inviting, creating the feeling that you want to walk into the space. The interior design was created by Suna Interior Design for Catalyst By Design’s Portobello Square in West London (CGI built by F10 Studios). 

What advantage do good CGI’s give property developers and estate agents?
CGI’s give developers and or estate agents more imagery with which to sell the space, worldwide. Be that printed marketing material, imagery on their website or on property selling websites. Often all before the actual building and space exists. Not everyone wants to look at a plan to sell a space and no matter how much it shouldn’t, a book is often judged by its cover… or in this instance a property by its pictures.

A Bit More About Design for CGI
Where possible we encourage our clients to use more than one view of a room. These two images of Portobello Square show the same space, but give viewers two different views of it. Potential purchasers want to see the entirety of the space they’re looking to buy and CGI’s offer an excellent tool with which to do so.

A Bit More About Design for CGI
If your budget extends to it, we would very much suggest creating more than one interior design for a space, like we did for Jersey Development Company's College Gardens in St Hellier. This allows potential purchasers to see the versatility of the space. It also enables the sellers to use a range of different imagery on online purchasing sites, where buyers want to see different images for different homes.

A Bit More About Design for CGI
By creating night and day lighting options in these images for Rydon Construction's Mettle & Poise in East London, the CGI’s show the flexibility of the space.

If there was one piece that you’d LOVE to put in a design for CGI, what would it be?
Well one piece for me is a bit of an ask…. I thought I’d pick a chair as I LOVE chairs…Squashy, fringed, mid-century, lux revival, all chairs are fair game in my humble opinion! SO…to not answer your question…here are a few of my current favourites and yes, my house looks like a Doctors waiting room!

A Bit More About Design for CGI

To take a look at some of the stylish designs that we’ve been working on recently, take a look at our Design For CGI Magazine:


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