Rebranding part 1: the minefield and how to encompass everything about us in one simple logo (posted 23rd May 2012)

Suna Interior Design has been going great guns for 12 years now, and we have had the same simple-yet-effective square logo for that whole time, with a few amendments thrown in over the years (changes of colour, rearrangement of the text) but now we feel it is time to have a rebrand.

Our company has gone from strength to strength, especially over the last two or three years and we want to reflect the company and who we are as designers more effectively with our brand and logo, oh but what a minefield!

We now work a pretty much 50/50 split between show houses and interior specification, working with some of the most forward thinking and respected developers across the UK, and specifically London. We have some amazing projects under our belt, and some amazing awards to congratulate ourselves on.

Our logo and branding now needs to reflect a boutique London based interior design consultancy; a close knit and (very) friendly company that prides itself on being small and personal and aspires, not to growing massive, but to working on some of the best projects the capital and the country has to offer. We compete on a regular basis against some of the top names in the industry, and we win these tenders. We have a conversion rate that we are so proud of, which we hope is based on the fact that when we meet potential clients or present new ideas, our work and our passion, our ideas and our innovation convinces people that we can offer them a service based on our own personal attention at every step, plus a design and an approach based on practicality and budgets but looking to the sky for the design.

So, how to represent this in one quick-viewed 'logo'?!

Having worked with the ace me&dave independent design and marketing agency on many occasions, when they have been branding developments we worked on, we knew that they 'got us' and would be the best team to draw on their knowledge of us as a company.

STEP ONE: a briefing session (that ended up in a bar in Clerkenwell somewhere) after which 'Me' (Rob) and 'Dave' (Mark) had probably got the gist that Helen and I can really really REALLY talk, and ramble, and finish each others sentences, and make up words, and chat, and and and, and then talk a bit more, all the while drinking quite a bit too. All of which hopefully drove the point home that Helen and I, best friends and business partners, love our work, love working together and are passionate and excited about the route our company is taking. For the record, the boys did quite a bit of talking too, and drinking, so it wasn't just two drunken women ya ya ya-ing across the table from two silent onlookers (at least, I don't remember it like that).

At the point at which Helen and I were (with irony) lauding the virtues of a sky blue 80's leather 3 piece suite in the taxi office I think we had given them enough info to go on as to who we were as people and as a company, though in a hungover state the following day I was hoping that the more professional aspects of the business were represented a tad more than the garbled final few hours of chat.

And there we left them, with the challenge of creating a logo that in one glance captures EVERYTHING that we pride ourselves on...and I do think it is a challenge, creating something for creatives is always going to be a hard task, as we are going to be hyper critical about the minutiae and the connotations and the detail (boy, you should have seen how long it took us to sort out our website design, I think the designer now lives in a kibbutz in the sahara). Good Luck Guys!