Aberfeldy Village CGIs (posted 21st July 2017)

The Suna Interior Design team is always excited to be able to show you images of work we've done! So today we're delighted to be bringing you the gorgeous interior designs that we created for the Aberfeldy Village CGIs (computer generated images). To give you a little background the interior designs for the CGIs were inspired by the location and East London's love for all things design. A mid-century theme runs across both designs, with pops of colour. Both projects are for Aberfeldy Village in Poplar, East London. 

Aberfeldy Village CGIsA large Italian vintage chandelier hangs above the bed taking centre stage. Trendy colour Blue Hague was selected for the wall behind the bed which, in combination with the pops of orange, mid-century pieces and layers of texture, creates an eye-catching room. 
Aberfeldy Village CGIsThe palette and mid-century theme are continued into the living room. 

Aberfeldy Village CGIsThe second apartment, also features our interior design in the CGI. A combination of good, relaxed accessorising with a great use of textures, all complimented by pops of colour has resulted in a stand-out design. 
Aberfeldy Village CGIsAgain, the palette from the living room has been used in the bedroom to create a cohesive interior. 

If you want to take a look at more Design for CGI projects that we've worked on, click on the link.

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Ps. Next week we'll be bringing you a range of Palette Predictions by the Suna Interior Design Team for Autumn and Winter 2017!

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