Across the board : from show homes to interior specification (posted 29th May 2012)

At Suna Interior Design we work alongside some of Londons' best developers on some of the most exciting projects.

We work on show homes, from studios to five bed townhouses, from funky city pads to opulent awe inspiring penthouses, commanding some of the best residential prices in the capital.

We work on marketing suites on these developments, bringing to fruition ideas that can be trend-led and of the moment, as they are temporary spaces that can capture the essence of the market, whether that be contemporary classic hotel style developments in Londons' west end or funky cutting edge creations in young, up and coming areas.

We work on interior specification projects of all shapes and sizes, from bespoke unique developments, to complete specification design across hundreds of apartments. Looking at the detail of kitchens, appliances, lighting, bathrooms, tiling, flooring, ironmongery, door design, electrical spec, optimistaion of layouts, architectural details and so on and so on.

We work on concierge, entrance and common areas, creating a design befitting each project right from the front entrance to the development, whether that be an impressive entrance atrium, a welcoming concierge area, to personalised apartment entrance door design and atmospheric common corridors (an area so often forgotten at the last budget meetings, resulting in the archetypal design known as 'royal-blue-carpet-tiles-and-large-round-emergency-lights', a look that's as catchy and appealing as its title.....).

But our best and most enjoyable jobs are when we have the amazing opportunity to work on all the above elements on one development.

When we can start at the beginning of the project, alongside architects and construction, and have layout input and lead the design direction of the look and feel of the development.

When we can look at all details of a specification and sign our names alongside some amazing designs, achieved to a developers specified budget, to their tight timescales and with the practicality that construction staff require when it comes to install.

When we can see that specification design through to fruition, and then have the chance to design the interior fit-out of furniture, furnishings, accessories and artwork. When we can design a show home that works in perfect harmony with the specification.

When we can start a design at the street side, and have an impact on a purchasers experience from entrance, lift, corridor, to their key in their own door, through into their perfectly designed space.

And when we can even help market that product by working with sales and marketing to create a selling space that combines marketing material, marketing suite interior design, target purchaser profiles and 'just the right feel' to best appeal to the public walking in at first point of sale looking for an apartment to buy.

When we can sit with a developer as an integral part of their team and have input and influence over a product that is a legacy for all involved, that's when all our Christmas' come along at once.