Applying for a job – from the employer’s point of view (posted 1st July 2015)

As you may have seen we are currently recruiting for a junior/mid-weight interior architectural technician… so far there have been a few good CV’s. BUT there are also so very many that just make us wonder why the applicants are even bothering sending them through! So I thought we’d point out what the four most obvious and glaringly apparent areas are, in the hope that perhaps it’ll encourage some more finely tuned applications.

The first area that has become apparent is that despite applicants being asked to respond to a personalised email address we are still receiving cover letters addressed to “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir / Madam”. If you’re really serious about the job, please take the time to read through the blurb, it shows attention to detail when you address your letter to the person it’s being sent to. If you’re worried about addressing a covering letter to someone on a first name basis, take the next step and look the company up online. This will (or should) give you further insight into the company you’re applying to work for and who the person is. Please use this information to give your application the edge!

The second aspect that seems to be repeating itself during this process is obviously-templated introductory letters. If you’re going to use a template please personalise it. Use what you’ve found out about the company when you’ve had a look at the website.

Please pay attention to detail. This includes getting the company name right! May we suggest reading through your CV and covering letter thoroughly before you press send!

Finally you’d be surprised at how many applications aren’t even relevant to the company and or the position. If you’re interested in the job, please take the time to ensure that your covering letter and CV are pertinent to the position and you have the skill-set required.

So if you know of someone who is looking for a position as a junior/mid-weight interior architectural technician do send them this link and ask them to send through their CV’s ASAP!