Building noise. Make it stop! (posted 7th May 2015)

Building works. In the beginning they're really exciting, you're going to be getting something new after all. But soon the dusty surfaces and 9 - 5 (earlier and later on the days you work early/late) non-stop, constant drilling into cement and steel soon start to dirty-jade the whole perspective. Currently the floor above us in our building is undergoing renovations, so I speak from a place close to work. I'm fairly certain that the builders have decided that this week they will be drilling and hammering the floor directly above my desk. But they haven't limited themselves solely to this area. They've also been drilling and hammering above the lift shaft, which really adds to the decibel intensity. In fact, any moment now, I'm sure that the sprinkles of ceiling that are constantly falling onto our desks will stop and a voice from above will shout out 'I can see light'...

Over the course of this short week we've all taken it in turns to go a little do-lally. So I envision that by this evening a large glass of wine will have found its way into many of our hands. We've been promised beautiful new windows in return for the sarcophony and as we currently have many walls which are just windows that have only single glazing we're prepared to put up with rather a lot of banging about 'warm winters, cool summers... warm winters, cool summers...'

Building. Make it stop!
Our parking lot resembled something like this last week when they were bringing in the steels.

To anyone who is currently renovating at home, hats off to you, may you also enjoy your large glasses of wine this evening.