Deck the Hall... (posted 15th December 2017)

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas boxes come down from the loft, we are ready to deck the hall. And the living room. And the dining room. And the kids bedrooms. And the kitchen. Maybe the downstairs loo too.

Deck the Hall...

Hubby loves Christmas decorations, he loves the lights, he loves the ‘it-is-not-9ft-it-is-7ft’ tree that takes over 50% of our living room every December, he even loves the white feather boas that we have used for the past 15 years, they bring out the Eurovision in him. I love that he loves it, but a few years in retail knocked the decorating-for-Christmas-joy out of me a long, long time ago. Christmas cometh but once a year, but it starts in July when you work in merchandising where you spend six months of the year planning Christmas and the other six months packing it away.

I caught a radio programme the other day with Kate Watson Smyth, she of Mad About The House blog loveliness, who was chatting about Christmas decorating trends. It’s upside down and /or pink trees this year apparently, festooned with sloths and llamas (pineapples and flamingos are SO last year dontcha know). To put the record straight, I am not here to advocate pink or upside down trees, but it was a great feature, talking about how trends come and go from festive season to festive season. From multicoloured lights to white lights and back again. From gaudy to tasteful and round the houses back to kitsch. From trees the proper and correct way round to trees hanging from the ceiling….enough said on that one.

Deck the Hall...

Deck the Hall...

At the end of the feature Kate was asked what she was doing for her tree this year, what trend was she going to fall prey to? None of them. Her tree is ‘traditional’, adorned with the same old baubles and decorations that she has used every year. Hear hear, I said (to the radio, I like talking to the radio). That is what Christmas is about, memories and traditions that might evolve slightly but essentially repeat themselves beautifully every year. You might add a new decoration every so often, maybe from a creative child (you should see our toilet roll fairy, she’s a corker) or an exquisite Liberty creation for yourself, but the comfort of Christmas comes from the repetition of each family’s different traditions year after year after year. So long live our snowy feather boas, and our kids homemade decorations, and long live the tradition of Hubby doing all the decorating every year….and packing it all away again….