Deer Park Road: Construction Underway (posted 22nd February 2013)

At the beginning of the week we received the keys to our new office in Deer Park Road. We're really enthusiastic and energised about this space and the opportunity to convert it into the ultimate design studio. At the moment it is a 4 000 square foot skeleton that will become the creative hub of Suna Interior Design.

The builders were there to greet us on Monday morning, tool belts at the ready. It might not look so sexy at the moment, but the 12 foot windows and steel supporting pillars are providing the basic structure from which we will fashion our new office. Work has begun on the electrics and fire alarms - tools are taking over! (And of course we have started to plan the launch party, which will be taking place at the end of May.)

As designers we love to create and this is our opportunity to sculpt our own space. We will be sharing this exciting experience with you as our unique premises evolve. We are working to create an industrial, edgy studio space. Imagine exposed conduit, industrial lighting, concrete floor (with a twist!), quirky furniture, full scale black board walls and enough space to swing cats in and you will get the picture!

Deer Park Road: Construction Underway

The empty shell that will become Suna Interior Design's new stylish office

Deer Park Road: Construction Underway

Men at work