Design For CGI - The World Of Designing Interiors For CGI's (posted 31st March 2017)

We’ve previously chatted to Lead Designer, Sharon, about Design for CGI, one of the services that we offer our clients (see our previous blog On The Sofa With Sharon). In today’s fast paced world of selling property, especially developments, we’re constantly seeing new ways to add an additional tier to the process, such as CGI’s, which enable properties and their potential to be visualised by possible purchasers all over the world. Now while this isn’t the newest technology (you’ll need to look towards AR & VR for that (see our previous blog on Virtual & Augmented Reality)) the service that we offer enables developers and those looking to sell properties to have a truly bespoke interior design in the CGI’s they’re using to sell their property(s) with. Designs that are market driven and are aimed specifically towards the target purchasers, giving those in the selling position a one-up in the market place.

Today we (Suna Interior Design) have a well-established team of designers who have a deep knowledge of design and trends and who understand the design for CGI process. Lead by Sharon (whose knowledge of design is truly phenomenal) this service has grown in leaps and bounds. So, we thought we’d chat to Sharon again to find out how and what has made Design for CGI such an important tool for those in the property industry.

Design For CGI - The World Of Designing Interiors For CGI's
Design for CGI by Suna Interior Design, a magazine featuring our latest CGI portfolio, filled with stylish and captivating interior design schemes for CGI's.

Q1. What makes a bespoke CGI design stand out?
There is a high degree of experience that we contribute to a scheme to create a really unique interior design. After years of designing show homes and tailoring them for the right market, we really do know what is required of a design to make it marketable. We then combine this knowledge with our comprehension of global suppliers, designers and trade fairs around the world that we attend, which gives us a really good understanding of what is happening in the world of design. We take this knowledge and use it to create a bespoke interior for the CGI’s. A photo library, while being useful, will only stock standard images and you’ll often find the same chairs, tables etc being repeatedly seen in CGI after CGI.

Design For CGI - The World Of Designing Interiors For CGI's
These are eye-catching designs and so realistic they could be photographs
Design For CGI - The World Of Designing Interiors For CGI's

Q2. What are the nuances that people should look for in a CGI in order to be able to tell the quality of the CGI?
If you’re looking at an exceptional CGI you may not even know that it’s a CGI! But the elements that we’ll scrutinize to tell the quality of a CGI are the reflections in glass, mirrors, on water etc. The atmosphere created by a CGI, does the space feel warmed by the sun streaming in through the windows? Texture, some CGI’s can look flat, so look at whether fabrics have taken on the consistency that they should have, such as velvet and fur. Beds are often a bit of a giveaway – fabrics should fall naturally, pillows be plump and sheets should look ironed, but with creases in the right places!

Design For CGI - The World Of Designing Interiors For CGI's
In both the images, above and below, you can instantly feel the atmosphere and ambiance in the rooms.
Design For CGI - The World Of Designing Interiors For CGI's

Q3. For those thinking of having bespoke CGI’s designed, what would you suggest?
Having a bespoke design that fits their buyer will be invaluable for marketing whether taking it abroad to sell or using it in the local UK market. What probably isn’t well known is that we don’t just create the interior design for one view (the view that you’re seeing in the CGI). Suna Interior Design design the interiors for the whole room. This way whoever has commissioned the CGI’s is able to take several views from within the room, giving them additional imagery with which to aid their selling. And obviously we’re always happy to talk anyone who is interested through this process, either email or call Sharon on 020 8544 9350.

If you want to see what we’ve been working on, scroll through our Design for CGI magazine, we’ve also included a feature showing the interesting design process that a CGI undertakes in order to become the beautiful image you see before you!

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