End of the month Friday! (posted 27th February 2015)

That's right, it's both the end of the month and Friday, in the words of Chandler Bing "could this day BE any better?" Well in our office it most definitely can! Especially when you arrive and there are both cake and biscuits in the kitchen. Alysha is the lovely culprit and she shall be rewarded with many kind words.

End of the month Friday!

At the beginning of the year (now two months ago!!!) we begun a little Friday afternoon tradition, where anyone who's finished their work at around four o'clock congregates on the sofas for a little cup of tea/glass of wine and a selection of nibbles. This rather popular tradition is actually a great way for the team to catch-up and chat about what they've done in the past week and what they're going to do over the weekend. Then we head off to our respective weekends, but on Monday we return, friendlier and knowing that little bit more about who we work with. 

And this week I think a little glass of wine might be on the cards, we've had a few great articles in the press this month, take a look on our Suna Interior Design Press Page!

End of the month Friday!

End of the month Friday!

Happy Friday,