Everything you ever wanted in a tap and more! (posted 6th February 2015)

Oh the joy of a Quooker Fusion, which let’s be honest, is just SO much more than a regular slow-to-heat hot tap paired with a then-to-run-cool cold tap and time-wasting kettle! And we have one, in our office!!! Making tea and coffee is literally as simple as two quick pushes on the push-down-and-turn handle and hey-presto, boiling hot water, on demand.

But as it’s the fusion, there is more to this 3-in-1 mixer than just boiling hot water whenever you want it… Filtered cold water streams through with a simple twist and is instantaneously hot with a twist in the opposite direction. This means that when doing the dishes you don’t have to wait for ages for the hot water to run through and like-wise, if you’d like a glass of cold water, you won’t have to run-out the remaining hot water before you can fill your glass and quench your thirst. 

Everything you ever wanted in a tap and more!
Full steam ahead, our fabulous Quooker Fusion in boiler-mode

The Quooker is therefore both economical and eco-friendly. a lot of 'eco's' for a tap! And we predict that you will see these taps in more and more kitchens, purely because they are so efficient and good looking. Stylish, sleek and guaranteed to give any kitchen kudos, they're the Kitchen Aid of 2015.

Everything you ever wanted in a tap and more!
The professional shot, including the COMBI tank (which is now hidden in the cupboard beneath the sink.)

The specs for the Quooker Fusion option we’ve gone for:
A Quooker Fusion Round with a polished chrome finish and a COMBI tank (which provides instant hot (50-60°C) and boiling water and is a replacement for a water heater). According to the website, “the Quooker is easy to install and can be installed wherever there is a main water supply (minimum pressure of 2 bar, recommended 2-3 bar) and comes as standard with a UK plug.”

Anyone for a cup of tea?