Fabulous Outdoor Furniture (posted 10th June 2016)

Dare I say it ‘summer is coming’ … perhaps with the caveat of a lot of rain, but it’s definitely warmer! And with that comes the desire (when it’s sunny) to be outside! Envision a perfect, warm evening watching the sun set with a glass of wine in one hand, a book in the other and the sound of the birds swooping about and nattering away while your toes twirl around blades of the grass… All you need to make that come true (apart from the garden) is the furniture! And we’re not talking green plastic chairs! Garden furniture can be exciting. So here are some suggestions from Suna Interior Design’s designers on fabulous garden furniture:

Ellen - Lead Interior Designer
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Set of 2 Impalla Garden Chairs from La Redoute, £299
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Mosaic Coffee Table - Isometric Concrete from West Elm, £209 - £230Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Salsa Outdoor Chair in Blue from John Lewis, £50

Sarah - Interior Designer
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Dala by Stephen Burks from Dedon (as seen at Clerkenwell Design Week)
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Mbrace by Sebastian Herkner from Dedon (as seen at Clerkenwell Design Week)

Elpitha - Interior Designer
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Heaven two seater sofa and armchair from Emu

Agnese - Lead Interior Designer
"Glamorous and futuristic! Comes with optional Bluetooth speakers, Spanish Villa not included!"
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture 
Faz Daybed with parasol by Ramon Esteve from Vondom
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Koi seating by Jarrod Lim from Innermost

Gabriella - Interior Designer
"One of these for me please!"
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture
Nestrest by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety from Dedon

Lucinda - PR & Marketing Manager
"I love the idea of stylish, portable outdoor lighting"
Fabulous Outdoor Furniture 
Traveller Lamp by Love, Ana, Euro215 (as seen at Clerkenwell Design Week)

Happy shopping and here's to hoping the sun stays out!