Flowery delights and bright sights (posted 29th September 2017)

This week we’re taking a look at what took place at Design Junction in Kings Cross during London Design Festival (#LDF17). Senior Design Project Manager, Prudence Forde went to discover what delights were to be uncovered and was immediately impressed by the gorgeous fresh flowers by Bloomon and the eye-catching Gateways installation by Adam Nathaniel Furman in collaboration with Turkish Ceramics. And all this before even going inside!

Flowery delights and bright sights
“I was encouraged to walk through the cabin to get the full floral experience and to be wowed by the amazing bouquet. It was really beautiful and was an impressive way to make an entrance to an exhibition.”

Flowery delights and bright sights
“The internal walls were completely covered in live flowers, creating a living, floral wallpaper and the feeling of a flower cave. It goes to show that flowers are a great way to bring a space to life. Not only visually, but by engaging your other senses too.”

Flowery delights and bright sights
“This installation really stood out with all the different geometric patterns and prints. Titled Gateways, it was possibly the most Instagram-ed object/space from LDF17. The geometric shapes created a gateway that invited you in and lead you through them, towards the entrance of the building.”

Flowery delights and bright sights
“As you crossed the bridge from Kings Cross this is the first view you saw: a lot of people enjoying the sun and the buzzing hum from the creatives who have flocked to the area… It was a really warm day and I wished I was on the boat!”

And on that note, have a great weekend,


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