Showhome Showcase : Packington Square, Islington, Great design brief, great show apartment, great photography (posted 25th June 2012)

Don't you just love it when the photography of a project really does your work justice?

We recently installed a show apartment for Hyde New Homes, at The Arc on their Packington Square development in Islington, and we love love love the photography that came off the back of this project.

The brief for the show apartment was our dream design instruction....'design something that fits the market', which leaves us open to interpret the purchaser profile and allows us to really create personality and produce something unique and memorable. As you know, we love it when a client allows us a bit of free reign, and the essence of our work revolves around working to a market profile and designing a product to fit. So, for the Islington market, details like the Young and Battaglia bookshelf wallpaper, the Christian Lacroix fabric on the master bedroom headboard, the Mr Perswall world map wallpaper, the diamantini and domeniconi cucu clock, the hall gallery of ornate and handpicked mirrors, all work to represent the individuality and style of an Islington purchaser.

As a consultancy, we don't market ourselves on a 'house style', where a client has to buy into our 'look'. Rather, we will spend time and effort narrowing down the target market and really aiming a design towards a defined purchaser profile, which gives a developer a really targeted product to sell. While it is probably subliminal in the eye of the beholder, the nuance of a decision about 'which product would the target market chose' can really define a scheme. The difference between an Eames Eiffel chair with wooden legs, or with metal legs, might be perceived to be miniscule, but there would be a very distinct choice to be made, dependent upon who we were targeting. Hence the wooden leg Eames for this development in Islington, whereas a 2 bed apartment in, say, Essex would lean towards a metal leg version.

So, great photography, great client, great show apartment. Result!