Have you tried Pinterest? (posted 25th May 2012)

I like Facebook, I am getting used to Twitter, but I LOVE Pinterest. It is really worth looking at incorporating it into any social media approach that you or your company might take.

It is a visual equivalent of Twitter, and it is the visual element that makes it massively more appealing to use. Twitter can be a bit of a text mountain, shortened links, @references, hashtags blah blah blah, but for anyone who has a 'visual filter brain' it is much, MUCH easier to scan over a screen full of images and syphon out the dross, letting the gems ping out.

And while we obviously use it for interiors and interior products it has infinite appeal across all genres, and enables you to chose the subjects you are interested in and follow like minded pinners. From fashion to cars, baking to photography, there really does seem to be something for everyone. I use it as an additional social marketing tool, but primarily, as a person-of-crap-memory I use pinterest to pin a product or inspiration that I have spotted, making it really easy to find it again without having to kill precious brain cells trying to remember where something came from, or fighting with my bookmarks list to try and scavenge the memory of a website name.

As a business tool it is very useful as any image you pin is linked back to the website of origin, so for example, when we pin an image of our work the viewer is only 1 click away from our website. Plus, if someone 'repins' an image from your boards that image is then available to all THEIR followers, and on and on and on......

Pinterest has had incredible success, with Facebook level subscriber numbers in its first years, and in my opinion is the gem in the social media portfolio...give it a go!