How To Dine Al Fresco In Style (posted 19th May 2017)

We are hoping that by writing about Spring, the weather will get warmer, we’ll be able to put away our umbrella’s and spend long, soporific evenings outdoors. With gently twinkling lights, the soft hum of happy chatter, clinking glassware and meals that are nibbled on as the sun sets. All as the smell of fresh flowers mingles with the occasional waft of a BBQ and for that evening, all that is important is the moment.

Obviously, you’ll want this idyllic setting to be effortlessly stylish! So, we’ve asked Suna Interior Design’s designers to suggest the items they’d like for their stylish al fresco dinner tables!

Assuming you’re not having a Greek dinner party, Royal Doulton’s Pacific Porcelain range of tableware is stylishly ideal for an al fresco meal. Should you want something a little more durable, then Anthropologie’s Tula range of tableware is great.  

How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Pacific Porcelain range by Royal Doulton
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Tula by Anthropologie

Liberty stock Soho Home’s Country House range of glassware for those who don’t want to use their cut crystal outdoors, but aren’t yet ready to depart from much-loved traditional glasses! If you prefer to leave the glass indoors, then these acrylic, stemless Govino glasses from Crate & Barrel could be the stable and stylish answer you’re looking for.

How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Soho Home's Country House range
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Govino acrylic, stemless glasses

Where possible apply the same rules outdoors that you would indoors: use more than one source of light and on a range of levels. Stringing lights through the vines on your pergola or from tree to tree will give you a sparkly canopy of light to sit under, such as these Festoon Lights from Graham & Green.  Hang Tealights sporadically from branches. Light the path towards your dinner table with these Pyramid Lanterns from John Lewis. Create a fun table feature with this Octopus Candlestick  and matching Octopus Wine Holder. Or if you prefer something a bit more minimal, opt for Tom Dixon’s Tank Lantern Candle Holder. (Candles on table are especially helpful in dealing with unwanted midges.) Or perhaps you just like to monkey around, with these Monkey Lamps from Graham & Green.  
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Festoon Lights   

How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Hanging Tealights  
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Pyramid Lantern   
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Octopus Candlestick and Wine Holder  
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Tom Dixon Candle Holder   
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Monkey Lights   

It would be remiss if we weren’t to mention greenery in some form. If you’re going to be dining outdoors often you may want to consider curating a collection of potted plants for your dinner table. If you’re wary of looking after them, Abigail Ahern has a fantastic range of very interesting and realistic faux plants in a variety of sizes to suit any table. For those who prefer the real deal, consider herbs which boast both a beautiful scent and can be added to the garnish of any meal! 
How To Dine Al Fresco In Style
Faux plants from Abigail Ahern

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to help you design your dream al fresco dining experience!

Have a great weekend, hopefully the rain ready our gardens for many an al fresco meal.