Hygge - New Autumn Trend (posted 4th September 2015)

Yesterday I received an email from one of our designers, Sharon, suggesting a great trend for Autumm: the Danish Hygge! So clicking through to the link, I began reading all about Hygge, pronounced "hew-guh". The link she sent me was to Abby Gettys Whiskey City Collaborative. And with a name like that, who wouldn't want to get behind this movement, especially when one of the ways in which she suggests that you can bring Hygge into your home is to "stock the bar with warmth... mix whisky with hot tea"

Hygge - New Autumn Trend
The Whiskey City Living Room

Stepping away from the liquor cabinet, she also suggests that you can bring Hygge into your home through the following ways:
1. Letting in the light - ensuring that there is lots of natural light coming into your home
2. Spring scents - using fresh, spring scented candles to brighten the mood
3. Bringing the outdoors in - having indoor plants to add life
4. Faux fur - she suggests you fill your home with faux fur pillows, sheepskin rugs... basically everything!

To get more of an understanding, here are some facts about Hygge:

  • There is no exact Danish-English translation, but the closest one can come is to describe the term as "cosiness"

  • However it is not so simple, it also refers to your physical and emotional senses too, encompassing the environment around you: warmth, fulfillness, closeness and sincereness. 

As such, design plays an important role in Hygge. Here are a few examples of Hygge inspired designs and lifestyle products:
Hygge - New Autumn Trend
A watch from the Hygge Watches Collection
Hygge - New Autumn Trend
Hygge Candles, available from John Lewis
Hygge - New Autumn Trend
Converted loft in Copenhagen

Enjoy Hygge-ing your home this weekend!