Independent Hotel 12, sneaky peak at our stand design... (posted 9th October 2012)

Just a week countdown to the Independent Hotel 12 show at Olympia on 16th and 17th October. We are ready to go, getting into Olympia on Sunday and Monday to set the stand up. I just wanted to give you a sneaky peak at our stand design, so you will recognise it when you see it!
Our approach was to create a visually appealing and welcoming stand, showing off as wide a variety of our work as possible without ending up with a cluttered (very small!) space. So we went for a 'gallery' idea to display a variety of our work, as a backdrop to some beautiful, inviting pieces of furniture, and a bespoke made wallpaper to 'brand the stand' (there's a tagline for a new Exhibitions by Suna branch!).
For a small stand, we hope we have pulled out of the bag a design that feels personalised and very 'Suna', without being confusing or overcrowded. Conversely, we also wanted to present a well defined and strong image of Suna Interior Design and not end up with one of those awful exhibition stands with a couple of chairs, bare walls and loitering sales staff!One element of intense discussion was how we could represent ourselves as interior designers on a small 2x3m stand, and not come across, in a show dealing with the whole breadth of the hospitality industry, as furniture suppliers, wallpaper manufacturers, upholsterers or a bar (one idea that was mooted!).
We want people to walk past, see our images and be enticed onto the stand, possibly have a seat and a chat (and a glass of fizzy!) and learn a bit more about us. Hopefully we have achieved the balance between impressive and welcoming. The proof will be in the pudding, but with the show promising over 5000 visitors each day we are really hopeful of a few great leads.
Come along and see us, on stand IH87, and if you are very lucky we will pull a bottle of fizzy out of our trunk and let you quaff a glass with us!

Independent Hotel 12, sneaky peak at our stand design...