KBB Review Awards 2013....applications open! (posted 10th September 2012)

Right...76 days to get our entry in! This year we will be putting forward work completed for The Loxfords development in Highbury. Kitchens and bathrooms for new build houses and refurb apartments. Can we continue our winning streak, 4 years worth of recognition for our work on specification across a variety of large scale developments? We hope so!

The awards (and the ceremony!) are the highlight of our year, we even vaguely enjoy the 'piece to camera' slot...because if we are filmed, it means that we have won! Not that we love watching ourselves year there was a lot of 'massives', 'it's massive'(winning the award, obviously), 'a massive occasion' etc etc so thank you KBB Review for highlighting our little contriubuion on your front page!!