Make an Entrance (posted 10th January 2013)

Make an Entrance

Entrance areas and common areas are often overlooked by developers, money and attention are spent on the interior specification of an apartment but then things dry up in the entrance or common areas. My personal pet hate? That very typical royal blue itchy-scratchy carpet that gives you an electric shock if you spend too long actually walking on it, combined with white walls (or, god forbid, magnolia) and bulbous round emergency wall lights, with the added 'bonus' of some generic framed prints or 'original' (read 'not very original') canvases. Developers who don't make the most of their entrance, lobby and common areas are missing a massive opportunity. For a purchaser to feel welcomed into their own home from the minute they step off the pavement, to feel they have arrived from the moment they open the entrance doors to the development is priceless. For them to feel like care and attention has been paid every step of the way in the design of their new home will reinforce all positive impressions created in the finish within the apartment. To feel like they are moving into a development where the impression of the whole is that money has been spent on the final touches, where they can be proud to buzz people in from the front door, where the essence of the development can be established in all the details, where innovation and unique design can basically help 'sell the dream' can only be a benefit for the developer who wants to waste no opportunity to persuade a purchaser that, yes, this is the development for them, this is where they want to live. We have had the chance to work on some incredible entrance and common areas, and we are proud to say we have made the most of the opportunity and turned out some pretty amazing spaces, that have, indeed, helped the developer to sell their product from the minute a potential buyer walks in off the street. First impressions and all that...... 

Make an Entrance Make an Entrance