New office countdown : minus 4 months (posted 22nd May 2012)

So, we have approved (in very vague principle) the terms for our new office! Too exciting!

We are moving from a not-very-representative (of us or our work) 80's light industrial unit (imagine tinted glazing in a yellow brick building with roller shutters galore, accents of red metal and black skirtings) to a beautiful derelict warehouse/old bakery (imagine open space, industrial pillars, concrete floor, light, space, light, space....and then a bit more light and space).

Whilst it isn't much from the outside (we are having to stay within a light industrial setting as we need the warehouse space) it has SO much potential inside, a plethora of 10ft critall windows along both sides of a 40m space. The windows are desperately needing new glass to get away from the crazy-glazing effect of 15 different types of nasty patterned glass, but once cleaned up and reglazed we are expecting the world!

So, here we go with a frenzy of leases, building plans and quotes (for new heating, wiring, partitioning, bathroom, kitchen, reglazing ALL those gorgeous windows), layouts, ideas, money money money. Now, when can we start choosing all new furniture, wallpapers, flooring, and planning amazing ideas fit for an office for an amazing interior design team....