On The Sofa With Sharon (posted 22nd April 2016)

On The Sofa With Sharon

Yesterday Sharon and I took some time out to sit on our lovely, leather sofa to chat about Design for CGI. There was so much to talk about that we’ll be posting this interview in three parts, this is the first. To give you a bit of background, Sharon is our lead Design for CGI interior designer, with (quick finger count and a slightly oh-my-gosh look) 20 years in the industry and an intrinsic knowledge of design, she is the perfect person to head up this branch of Suna Interior Design

Lucinda: What is Design for CGI?
Sharon: Design for CGI is a tailored service that we offer, where we make CGIs look as exciting and beautiful as our show houses do. In consultation with our clients we provide a full design for the rooms of which they wish to have CGIs created. This design is then handed to a CGI company to create the actual image. 

On The Sofa With Sharon
CGIs of Catalyst By Design’s Portobello Square apartment, interior design by Suna Interior Design, CGI by F10 Studios.

L: Why do developers want CGIs?
S: We have found that more and more developers are looking to sell off-spec and overseas. To do this they need a product to show potential purchasers and CGIs, particularly well designed and really great looking ones, are the ideal product with which to do so. With a stunning CGI that is tailored for a specific market it makes that process a lot easier.

On The Sofa With Sharon
CGI of Barratt London’s The Courthouse Apartment Living room, interior design by Suna Interior Design, CGI by Pelican.

L: Do clients tend to use the same interior designs and install them into the show houses later on down the line?
S: Not really, if they’re going to do a show house then they want to be able to show potential purchasers something different, generally, to show a flexibility within the space. Although we’ve done quite a few projects where the spec (specification design) is used in both the CGI and actual show house which is fantastic for us because it creates a really coherent look.

On The Sofa With Sharon
CGI of Mount Anvil’s Dollar Bay Apartment bedroom, interior design by Suna Interior Design, CGI by Tekuchi. This CGI shows both our interior design and spec.

L: Where do you get your inspiration from?
S: Well obviously as I live here, London as a whole is great. I love going to the London galleries and inspirational places such as the V&A and Geffrye Museums. Then there are all the amazing window displays like Liberty and Conran. We also get to as many of the exhibitions that we can, shows in London, Paris and Milan. On a day-to-day basis I use social media, which is a big influence and gives you access to the global market. Instagram is amazing and I follow a lot of UK, American and Australian stylists, printmakers and artists as well as Japanese and South African interiors sites too. Social media is making the design world a very small place with info that is easily available. Although I am aware that with social media you are only receiving information as opposed to being physically surrounded and immersed in it – you can’t touch it!

On The Sofa With Sharon
Sharon saw the light at the Milan exhibition last year. 

Have a great weekend,