Palette Predictions: Autumn & Winter (posted 28th July 2017)

In the words of Game of Thrones “winter is coming”! But before it gets here we’ll hopefully have a bit more summer and then be ready to enjoy the changing of the seasons with all their beautiful colours. To prepare ourselves we asked the Suna Interior Design Team to tell us what their palette predictions are for the upcoming two seasons.

Alysha: Studio Assistant
I’ve included some natural woodgrain with obvious Greenery! I’ve brought some autumnal orange through and that’ll sit against white and charcoal, with the images in the background as inspiration.
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Prudence: Senior Interior Designer
This palette is based around nature in the coming season. For me the coming months are all about blackberries, plums, rhubarb, beetroot leaf, plants in season, and this is where my palette is pulling from.
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Rebecca: Director & Interior Designer
In true old school fashion, I will occasionally approach a new scheme from a completely random starting point. I still remember, back in the first few years of starting Suna Interior Design, giving a talk to a room full of sales staff employed by one of our developer clients, showing them the process of a bringing a scheme through from design to completion and the first image in our presentation was of a red traffic light against a piercing blue sky, from which we extrapolated a whole design.

Along with interiors magazines, exhibitions, show rooms, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, new fabric collections etc etc I will still find myself drawn to a random image, a colour combination, a moment in time from which a whole colour scheme can be drawn. I have a board of images, some interiors but also some lobsters, leaves, cotton reels and clothes, that I can pop on to get some colour inspiration. And the Pantone app now makes this approach very easy, snap a photo of anything (and I mean ANYTHING!) and it will break down the constituent colours and refine the image into a palette of colours, helping to take the initial step in the process of designing a complete room.
So my current colour love is a mix of soft and dark, blush pink and corals set off with grey greens and emeralds, taking the girliness off the pink by chucking a strong hefty green at it! Used on textural surfaces to add interest, think watercolour, marble, enamel, plaster, wool, all in shades of greens and palest pinks…all drawn from an image of a cactus in flower.
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Leonnie: Interior Designer
This winter is all going to be about NATURE! Raw materials such as marble, vintage worn leather, chunky knits and forest greens glammed up with some brassy accents.
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Clark: Warehouse Manager
The river in crimson and gold from the trees. Sitting on the porch of a cabin with a glass of wine after fishing, of course.
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Sharon: Lead Interior Designer
A touch of Deco, rich slightly 70’s colours, fringing (we’ve done it on clothes – now’s the time for interiors!) and metallics, always!  Also – the retro wooden chair– every interior should have something old – good for the soul!
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Lucinda: PR & Marketing Manager
My inspiration was ‘nature and what we do and enjoy during these seasons’, savouring comforting food, warming whisky by the fire, moody weather with stormy, tempestuous seas and bracing, explorational countryside walks. Shades of greens, golds, blues and reds, influenced by nature, including the bright pops of colour!
Palette Predictions: Autumn - Winter

Have a wonderful, inspired weekend,


Ps. Next week Rebecca will be blogging again!

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