Pantone Goes Green (posted 9th December 2016)

Pantone have released their much anticipated colour of the year for 2017 and it is Greenery.

Pantone Goes Green

Described as “fresh, organic and wholesome” by Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute describes the Greenery as bursting “forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

Obviously the next step to discover more about Greenery was to spend some quality time browsing Pinterest. There are some lovely images that come up (aren’t they always) and it looks like the leafy green trend will continue!

So while you’re enjoying your Friday lunch, we’ve put together some of the images our designers have been looking at and are inspired by, centred around Greenery:

Pantone Goes Green
Pantone Goes Green
Pantone Goes Green 
Pantone Goes GreenPantone Goes Green

If you’re looking to get into Greenery, visit House of Hackney and take a look at their Foliage ranges for some fabulous fabrics and wallpapers. 

Have a great, green weekend!