Paper Paper On The Wall : who has the fairest wallpaper of all? (posted 13th June 2012)

You could fairly swoon at the awe inspiring choices in the wallpaper marketplace at the moment. We are working our way through favourites at a rapid rate of knots...we fall in love with one paper one week, then along comes another to steal our heart. All we can say is thank goodness we are interior designers, and we can specify all these amazing papers for project after project and then be able move on to a new selection of papers that catch our eye, always innovating, always finding new beauties.

If I was faced with the mountains of options and only had my own house to decorate I would either have to resort to patchwork walls, or our walls would be closing in on us with the sheer amount of layers building up one on top of the other as we added a new wallpapered wall every week or so....a kind of decoupage house, now there's a thought. Hubby, watch out for me approaching any blank wall with sticky fixers, scissors and intricate repeat patterned papers. Well, flock had a revival didn't it, why not kitten and flower decoupage? Watch this space.....!

Anyway, here's a selection of our current running favourites. Thank you Andrew Martin, Mr Perswall, Young and Battaglia, Timorous Beasties et al for keeping the bar so high....