Pick of the Bunch : coloured, painted and patterned furniture (posted 10th July 2012)

Upcycled is the new recycled : take an object, make it better. Or for the less DIY of you, search retail for an array of furniture that has the same effect, bringing a dash of colour, a spot of quirky to a room. Bring pattern onto furniture for personality and individuality. Add colour to the underside or inside of a unit or table, to bring a bit of Louboutin to your bedside table! Gone are the days of minimal, dry, stark interiors, now the aim is to inject a bit of life, add an interesting find, a one off piece, something no one else will have.

Paint a room in a deep grey and add a couple of splashes of clashing colour. And mix it up, don't go with more than one piece from a coordinated range as you then immediately lose the impact of a unique item. Then add in a bit of pattern, on the rug, or with accessories to create depth and interest.

Or paint a room clean crisp white and keep to a neutral palette, then bring in bold splashes of colour against this.

In a living room, be brave and go for one wall colour, maybe a deep grey and then bring the depth back with mirrors, or bold colour, or a favourite colour on the sofa.

In a dining room, paint different colours on each chairs, or get mismatched chairs and paint different colours.

In a bedroom, add the colour on the bed, or a chest of drawers, or a feature chair to bring a big splash of colour to a neutral backdrop.

In a kitchen, bring in bright coloured chairs or stools against white or grey kicthen units.

Bright pinks, gorgeous ceruleans, deep purples, emerald greens, sunshine yellows or more muted dusty petrols, deep dark duck eggs, musty olives. get the paintbrush (or the wallet!) out....

Click through onto the image to Pinterest and beyond to find suppliers of any item. Enjoy!