Presenting: Design for CGI (posted 4th July 2014)

Suna Interior Design finds a new design niche in the design market

Presenting: Design for CGI

With the economy on the rise and the construction industry’s continued growth, such is the demand for property that many developers are able to sell future developments ‘off-spec’. In order to do so, they require computer generated images or CGI’s. This is where Suna Interior Design can step in to the process. Using their extensive experience in the design industry, Suna Interior Design has created a Design for CGI branch of their ever successful business, bridging the gap between the developer who wants up to date design and the CGI company with their technical prowess.

A specifically dedicated team create exceptional interior designs which then get used to put together the CGI’s. These CGI’s predict what the interior and exterior of the development will look like, enabling potential buyers to properly visualise what they have the ability to own. In the process creating a natural hype around what’s to come.

“We’re thrilled that the company has taken this next logical step. Our role in the Design for CGI process is to create the design for each image. We specify the products that will comprise each image. The contents of the images are then sent to a specialist CGI company, where the actual fly-through or individual stills are put together” said Rebecca Tucker, interior designer, co-director and co-owner of Suna Interior Design.

“It’s wonderfully satisfying work where, as designers, we can be really creative. We take the clients brief and develop an outstanding interior design that better enables the client to sell their product. It’s incredibly rewarding” said Helen Fewster, interior designer, co-director and co-owner of Suna Interior Design.

“We very much look forward to growing this side of the business further” say the design duo. “These days technology allows developers to create stylish and remarkable images that are so realistic they are barely distinguishable from the real thing.” Paired with their design skill, Design for CGI by Suna Interior Design looks set to take the industry by storm.

Take a look at our designs so far:

Presenting: Design for CGI

Presenting: Design for CGI