Put your pencil's down, we've had a great idea! (posted 9th January 2015)

Last year we expanded our office space and had a bit of a desk shuffle in the process (see our previous posts). It has meant that one pod of desks has been moved into what was previously our fabric room. But enough about the move, we’re over that and are all about decorating the spaces now, far more interesting!

Put your pencil's down, we've had a great idea!
Some of the green

In one space two of the ‘walls’ are windows, so my immediate thoughts turned towards creating an orangery, and we’ve subsequently ‘greened-up’ one of the windowed walls with some lovely, large, leafy, green plants (potentially more to come). Meanwhile we had an epiphany for the long white wall, it’s becoming …(drum roll)… our Deer Park Road, deer-and-other-animals-trophy-wall! And obviously because we’re designers and fabulous, we’ll be making it awesome!

Put your pencil's down, we've had a great idea!
Anthony chilling out, with his paint brush

Anthony has ‘chilled out with his roller’ having painted the wall Dulux’s Ebony Mist 3 (a warm grey) onto which we will be hanging a delightful selection of contemporary animal heads. These may or may not get a little extra bling in the form of jewellery – our first beast to be hung, called Petunia, looks just delightful with her earrings and necklace. Each trophy head will be uniquely framed. For Petunia’s frame, we said goodbye to the Stubbs replica and nabbed the frame, so we know she’ll be in good hands!

Put your pencil's down, we've had a great idea!
Alysha giving Petunia her final touches

While all of this is taking place, the designers in the other part of the office have been tasked with creating a decorative wall of their own. And although I initially flounced over to their desks to boast about how awesome our office space is going to be, I have to admit, that really, our entire office will look amazing! At the moment they are planning on graffiti-ing the wall, pattern to be confirmed!

Put your pencil's down, we've had a great idea!
Petunia in all her finery, with the Stubbs replica frame to finish her off

All in all, what a wonderfully creative way to start off the year!