Rebranding, new office, exhibition design and magazine progress! (posted 4th August 2012)

What a few months it's been, our busiest year ever, and no sign of the usual summer quiet period. We have work with more clients than ever before, working on some amazing London developments as well as across a wide swathe of the UK, as far afield as Birmingham, Brighton and Bath, and now we even have a fantastic hotel design opportunity; a trial on 5 room refurbishments, which, if all goes to plan, could lead to a roll out of 10 designs across a beautiful boutique 120 room Mayfair (yes, MAYFAIR!) hotel.

But even with all this going on we are also working on some other exciting developments within the company.

Rebranding is progressing wonderfully....what started as a 'let's change our logo' has developed into looking at all the finer details of how we present ourselves, from our logo, which we wanted to come across as more elegant and boutique; our website, which will have a bit of an overhaul to fit the new brand; down to business cards, portfolio cases for presentations, stationary, van livery, and signage. I don't think we have been the easiest of clients, the need to be really sure we are going the right direction has meant a lot of patience on the part of our design crew! The brand, which is now sitting as part of the originally suggested 'lozenge' ("embrace the lozenge" has become an office mantra!) has been through various reincarnations; circles, squares ("move AWAY from the square" we heard the cry), even cockerels (don't ask....) only to end up back in its' lozenge, which of course was the best solution all along....but we didn't know that until we tried every other variation, did we?! I am sure me&dave would agree, we have not been annoying and indecisive and inarticulate at all through this whole process...have we, Mark? Mark? Oh......

Our new office lease is in the throes of being sent out for signing, with a view to getting access to our 40m warehouse, ready for the three months of building work to finally gain us an office space and warehouse that we can be proud of...think industrial hits boutique style; chesterfields with galvanised light fittings, modern desks with ornate painted concrete floor, massive amounts of natural light offered through 10ft critall windows along both sides of the whole really is too exciting!

The new issue of our in-house 'magazine' is in the first stage of the design process, and in conjunction with our rebranding is looking to be a really exciting move on for us, an advance from our first foray into producing a slightly different take on a brochure last year. Pared back, high quality, beautifully branded, with delicious images of our work, we can't wait to reveal all when we initially hand it out on our stand at the Independent Hotel 12 show at Olympia in October....which takes us onto that other exciting development for us...

...our aim for the year was to launch ourselves into the hotel and hospitality industry. We had a small space is the GS Magazines' Design Lounge at Hotelympia in the spring, and we committed to an exhibition space at the inaugural Independent Hotel show, hoping that it would give us a presence in the industry and target exactly the kind of hotels we would love to work on. But we have beaten our own targets by winning work in a five star Mayfair hotel before we have even exhibited in the show! So now we are not merely launching ourselves at the show, we will be presenting ourselves with a great project behind us, reaffirmed with all our relevant residential work; concierges, common areas, bedrooms, high end rental apartment designs and so on and so on. Our stand design is coming on strong, we are aiming for a representation of our portfolio of work, in a welcoming, stylish and beautifully designed space, where the exhibition-weary can rest their feet and have a glass of bubbly and a chat!

So an exciting, energising year for all our team, and Helen and I really feel that in the run up to our tenth year of managing and fifth year of owning the company, we are turning a very, very thrilling corner. The future is bright, the future is Suna Interior Design!