Right, I'm back.... (posted 12th June 2012)

Back in the UK at 6.30am Monday morning, off the ferry at Harwich. Back into the office at 11am and I realise that maybe Helen and I shouldn't be doing irresponsible things like taking holidays.

There was me thinking, that with a three day jubilee week, I would be leaving Helen with a short working week, what could possibly go wrong? But no, Helen works a full five day week, with the mild consolation that at least no one else is working the jubilee bank holidays so at least the phone stays quiet.

We have a plethora of amazing projects on the books at the moment; a wonderfully quirky marketing suite and show apartment in Islington; a sophisticated marketing suite and show apartment in Shoreditch; numerous show houses in London, Ipswich, Cambridge, Kent and Colchester; specification jobs for developments in Brighton, Cambridge and London; tenders to go out for more of all of the above plus an amazing meeting today with a boutique Mayfair hotel to pitch for ten bedroom designs for their 180 room hotel.

Add to the that the usual mountain of day to day stuff, a bit of recruitment thrown in, a few plot moves, clients asking for a urgent last minute favours, a large chunk of pr and marketing that Beccy keeps trying to pin us down to talk about (deadlines are flying past us at a rapid rate for magazine, rebranding, exhibition stand design, award applications etc etc) and things are looking really really busy.

All very exciting, especially with all the talk of "the current economic climate", we feel we are going from strength to strength.....who needs holidays....or sleep....

So, Helen, if you could cancel that two weeks you have booked in August please, all holiday leave has been declared null and void, I am afraid....