Right, I'm off... (posted 31st May 2012)

...on my hols, "cheating-camping" (can I call it glamping?) in Italy for a week.

Well, it will be a full week in Italy once we get there. But, for some now slightly obscure reason, we are travelling for two nights to get there....driving to Harwich, boating to Holland (!?), driving (to a train station somewhere), training (on a train with a car, to Livorno), then finally, after two days, driving again (to finally get to a campsite somewhere...hubby has the map). Reverse the order to get home. All instead of the oh-so-boring option (read oh-so-easy/quicker/less strife) of simply getting to Stansted and getting on a plane!

I am actually really looking forward to the journey. We are travelling with the Editor of Classic and Sports Car magazine who is driving his classic car (MG? I think...), we are there as a 'support car' and to document the journey for the magazine. Hubby is very excited about hanging out of our car window with a camera as we overtake the MG, getting some of those Top Gear type shots (of leaving them in the dust!). I am imagining a sort of travelling mix of cross channel ferry, with a smattering of the-orient-express-for-cars (we get a MEAL, in a dining carriage!) with trailing a lovely little classic car at 50mph for a few hundred miles.

So I am out and about and not posting for a week or so....Beccy, our trusty PR manager, will update with anything exciting. I am leaving H and the team dealing with a veritable plethora of work, show home installs across the south east, initial specification designs for a lovely little site in Brighton, an office reception and meeting room redesign, shopping for a barrage of show houses coming up in the next couple of weeks, tenders for new spec jobs, a hotel refurb tender that has just come in plus job files for ongoing jobs coming out of all the available nooks and crannies in the office!

Enjoy my holiday, Helen, I will be back soon!