So that was Christmas... (posted 5th January 2018)

So that was Christmas, and this is January. Cold, wet, windy, miserable January. And if, like many, you are making it a Dry-anuary then surely doubly miserable. Why do it to yourself….

 So that was Christmas...

To cheer ourselves up, I thought we’d take a look at some of the stuff we’ve got coming up in 2018. We are currently installing a show home in the most amazing property, in Richmond. Definitely a ‘watch this space’ one, it is going to look amazing, images to follow once the site has been launched later this month.  It’s generally a busy January for show homes, with a lot to pack in for developers wanting to hit the ground running for the New Year.

Alongside our show homes we have some inspirational specification projects underway. Always a number of months (if not years) in the making, we start the design process on these projects before the developer is even on site, and 2018 is the year for a number of high profile developments that we have been working on over the last year to start hitting completion, and we can finally see our work come to fruition!

Marketing suites are going to be one of our growth areas in 2018, we have a couple of lovely ones coming up in the first part of the year, that illustrate that a marketing suite can offer an inspirational, innovative and inviting welcome to potential purchasers, and really consolidate a developer’s branding. Our new rule with marketing suites is that there are no rules, there is a joy in designing a relatively temporary space that by definition needs to be current and capture potential purchasers in an environment that is exciting/welcoming/comfortable/eyecatching, delete as appropriate!

And our CGI service goes from strength to strength, see a new project here that has just gone up on our website for a beautiful development in Jersey. As the quality of CGIs gets better and better our role of designing the interiors for each CGI becomes more and more important. All the vital qualities of a decent interiors photograph are as essential in a CGI, now that distinguishing between each is virtually (‘scuse the pun) impossible. We’ll maybe have to run an #IsItaCGI competition on social media, I’ll put that in my to-do-diary….

So that was Christmas...

One of our most exciting internal projects this year is a complete rebrand, we have had our current branding for a good few years now and it has done an excellent job, but it is time for change, we are mostly looking forward to the Hot Gin Tasting that has been mooted as a suggestion for the launch of the new brand. Though we will have to avoid having that in Dry-anuary obviously….. 

So that was Christmas...