Suna Celebrations (posted 17th June 2016)

Last week we drank slightly* too much wine while having a good old office get-together for our Summer Party. We got off to an hysterical start by playing an excellent game devised by Alex and Alysha – think Cluedo, but with ourselves as the characters! As the afternoon progressed into the evening our conversations got more and more intellectual... World politics and the Orange Fox’s run for the American Presidency didn’t come up once. Instead we told each other fabulous things about each other… these ‘things’ are obviously a company secret that couldn’t be written out loud. So it was really surprising when we all looked at our phones this week to go over the photos that had been taken… they were slightly grainy and sometimes taken at ‘odd’ angles! We can’t work it out – the rain perhaps?!?

So instead here is a really amazing clip of artist Garip Ay painting Van Gogh's Starry Night on dark water:

The day also played host to brand new, professional office photos – watch this space as our fabulous team will be added to the website in the next few weeks. We’ll let you know when!

Have a great weekend,


*loosely applied term