Suna Interior Design launch Facebook page... (posted 5th July 2012)

After much deliberation about which social media platforms to use, and after embracing (and enjoying!) Twitter, Pinterest, our blog, and to a slightly lesser degree, Linked In, we have recently launched our Facebook page.

We had always assumed that Facebook wasn't the best tool to use for B2B development. Businesses selling to the public could, of course, benefit from directly targeting their consumers, and selling straight to them. Where we differ, as with other B2B companies, is that our clients are highly unlikely to use Facebook as a business tool. In reality, our direct clients are probably unlikely to use Twitter or Pinterest either, it is more the marketing departments or external marketing companies that will have that interaction with social media, and they are not always our first point of contact in a company.

However, our flyaway success with Twitter, Pinterest and with our Wordpress blog has convinced us that raising the visibility of our brand, increasing awareness of our company in whatever way possible, is all to the benefit, and word leaks through from our Twitter and Pinterest links to the people that we would be directly working with. Additionally, while a client may not use Facebook for business, they are more than likely to use it personally, whereas Twitter or Pinterest may not register with them at all on any level.

Also, in a period where we are currently in the process of rebranding and widening our markets, and with an ever growing company going from strength to strength in all the fields we have targeted, to establish a really good baseline for social media interaction means that our rebranding will be registered more effectively and be disseminated and recognised a lot more quickly than if we were simply hoping people would register a changed letterhead or biz card.

So, we are!

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