Suna Interior Design magazine : Operation Brainstorm (posted 24th May 2012)

We love our magazine , an idea we had last year for our marketing instead of issuing a dry brochure or bombarding clients with newsletters or multiple emails.

One year on and we are looking at starting the process again with issue 2, aiming to have it out and ready for Independent Hotel 12 exhibition in October 2012 (that's a whole other story, the things we get ourselves into!) where we will use it for our exhibition marketing. Tied in with these timescales is our rebranding process which obviously needs to be complete before we can finalise the magazine process. But the magazine conversely has an impact on our branding as we need the new logo to fit in with the magazine format, which is the mainstay of our marketing....oh the joys and ramifications! Swings and roundabouts / horses and carts / eggs and chickens...

Anyway, so to brainstorm...
-content, what to put in/what NOT to put in;
-design, we had feedback about Issue 1 being a bit too busy and cramming a bit too much in (our over-enthusiasm methinks!), so we need to pare back a bit
-image content, which of our numerous lovely projects over the last year do we feature
-we need to try and maintain the balance between what is of course, a marketing tool and our idea of it being a bit more 'readable', whilst representing ourselves in a way that appeals to the clients we want to work with
-plus, add in the factor that we are launching into the hotel market so there has to be some nuggets for those potential clients too
-then comes the decision on who to send it to, who we want to work with, and how we follow up after it has been sent out

AND not forgetting the all important 'what do we send with it'...last year we popped in a little branded chocolate with 'read me' written on the wrapping. A teeny tiny enticement to do just that, cup of coffee, nice little Suna mag and a bite of belgian choc!

So, let the fun begin, keep your eyes open for the finished product, watch the process along the way...

(OFF SET I SHOUT "Beccy, lovely PR Manager, we need a meeting!!")