Suna Session with Bill Amberg (posted 11th August 2017)

Today we're chatting to leather extraordinaire, Bill Amberg in our second #SunaSession interview. Over the last 30 years the Bill Amberg Studio has been exploring the possibilities of leather. From 'bags and accessories to commercial interiors and residential applications'. Savvy with both new and traditional leatherwork techniques in a wide range of locations and contexts, their team of artisans employs age-old methods to create beautiful, contemporary leatherwork. 

Suna Interior Design: Describe what you love about your latest range?
Bill Amberg: We have developed a line of benches and stools using a very hard 6mm leather that we have folded and riveted without any internal skeleton. It is light, robust and comfortable. 
Suna Session with Bill Amberg
The Rivet Stool
Suna Session with Bill Amberg

S: What is your most memorable design?
B: The next one is my most memorable. 

S: What is the most 'out-there' request that you've had from a client?
B: We once covered somebody's lavatory seat in pearlised leather.

S: If you could have a design of yours anywhere in the world, what design would it be and where?
B: I would like to leather clad the White House like a Christo wrapping

S: Who has inspired you most in your career?
B: My mother who was an architect working with Alvar Aalto in the fifties in Finland. 

S: Are you a cat or dog person?
B: Dog, there are two in my office right now.

S: Where would we find you shopping?
B: Read Agri Services in Wanstrow in Somerset.

S: What is your favourite object in your home?
B: My family.

S: Tell us something that would surprise people about you?
B: I DJ at Glastonbury every year. 

S: What is your favourite space in the city you live in?
B: My home in Kensal Rise. 

Here is a selection of images showing the beautiful leatherwork done at the Bill Amberg Studio:Suna Session with Bill Amberg
Suna Session with Bill Amberg
Aspery Building Handrail
Suna Session with Bill Amberg
Rosebury Avenue Wall
Suna Session with Bill Amberg
Suna Session with Bill Amberg
Leathersellers Hall

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