Suna Session with Mineheart (posted 26th October 2017)

We were delighted when Vanessa Battaglia, one half of the playful designing duo, Young & Battaglia agreed to answer our Suna Session questions! Together with Brendan Young, her husband, they are also the founding partners of the inspiring British interiors brand, Mineheart. Excitingly, they have very recently launched a new range with artist Jacky Tsai, the Jacky Tsai for Mineheart collection.

Suna Interior Design: Describe what you love about your latest range?
Vanessa Battaglia: It is a great collaboration, we love the Artist's selected work and it is the first time we've done a whole collection within a collaboration. This time we have furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories, we are really excited about it!
Suna Session with Mineheart
Clockwise: Skull Cabinet, Sanctuary Skull Rug & Gambling Skull Sideboard

S: What is your most memorable design moment?
V: The Espresso Library Cafe in Cambridge, we were asked to design the interior, and now it is lovely to go and have a coffee there and feel very at home! 
Suna Session with Mineheart
King Edison pendant lights hang above the window bar seating.

S: What is the most ‘out-there’ request that you’ve had from a client?
V: To wallpaper every single wall in their house, even the ceilings!

S: If you could have a design of yours anywhere in the world, what design would it be, and where?
V: Some sort of outdoor sculpture or seating area or lighting in a square in New York.

S: Who has inspired you most in your career?
V: Michelangelo, Tim Walker and Fornasetti.

S: Are you a dog or cat person?
V: Dog person!

S: Where would we find you shopping?
V: Ebay.

S: What is your favourite object in your home?
V: An old carpenter bench that works as our kitchen island with inset hob and sink
Suna Session with Mineheart
A spread from the book Creative Country Living by Chloe Grimshaw, showing the treasured converted carpenters bench.

S: Tell us something that would surprise people about you?
V: We don't actually like wallpaper ;-)

S: What is your favourite space in the city you live in?
V: It is a great idyllic spot along the river Cam, surrounded by willow trees with a meadow behind it.

The Jacky Tsai for Mineheart collection is described as ‘Past meets Present and East meets West’ and these are a few of the pieces: 

Suna Session with Mineheart
Save Empress Wu Cocktail Cabinet

Suna Session with Mineheart
Peony Play Cushion

Suna Session with Mineheart
Gambling Skull Rug

Suna Session with Mineheart
Peony Play Rug

Click here to see more of the Jacky Tsai for Mineheart collection.

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