Tent London 2013 (posted 24th September 2013)

One of our designers, Sharon Maskell, went to visit Tent London: “I was looking for something new / something that I hadn’t seen before – something to surprise me.

Its feels like Tent is the most creative of the London Design Festival (LDF) shows – a place to see smaller one-off designers who are makers and creators showing the best in contemporary design. This exhibition specialises in the opportunity to see stuff that is unique – creations and designs from a selection of people who are trend interpreters. It is great because there are people throughout the country who are making this their business – a whole industry and so creative.”

Tent London 2013

Mineheart King Edison Purple Pendant

These are a Sharon’s Selections:

Korla – loving the graphic prints and colours

Tori Murphy – monochrome graphic furnishings – very current

Piers Saxby Candy Studio – brilliant lamps made from reconditioned 50s lampshades etc

Aditi Studios – beautiful ceramic lights

Haidée Drew – quirky accessories

Kristjana S Williams – stunning illustrations

Daniel Heath – love his stuff, his prints are all on reclaimed slate

Tamasyn Gambell – great mid-century inspired prints

Tent London 2013

Kristjana S Williams