The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design (posted 12th February 2016)

Every day we professionally ogle many beautiful items, from wall finishes and flooring to cushions, curtains, comfy sofas and everything in-between! So here are some of the items that we covet at Suna Interior Design:

Rebecca - Co-Director & Interior Designer:
My dining table! A table that has seen years of service before we found it, I love the history inherent in every gouge and scratch and mark. It was apparently at a school before we got it, presumably in some kind of technical or design department as the majority of the marks are lines indicative of something more specialist than just random schoolboy graffiti. I like that it has led a whole life that we know nothing about before we met it. We wanted a big, big table for our new grown up dining room when we moved three years ago. One that we didn't need to be too precious about, the kids could sit at it, learn to use a knife and fork at it, and do their homework at it and it would survive Pritt stick attacks and felt tip outside the line (and off the page) but would also serve us as a dining table for family breakfasts and formal meals without worrying about hot dishes and spillages. It gets lovingly polished once a week, but in between times is entirely a family dining table. Our nearly finished dining room has this table as its focus, it serves as a place to eat, work, dump bags, to craft, and to sit at and read the papers in front of the fire. it will hopefully become a family heirloom and all the marks and scratches we add to it over the years will only serve to make it more and more of a treasure in our house. Now, to finish off the dining room we just need to decide what colour to paint the wall above the fire...
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design

Ellen - Lead Designer:
I'm coveting this Alexa Bag by Mulberry, it's a simple, classic design.
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Mulberry, £1100,

My most treasured item though is my engagement ring from Hatton Garden (it's also one of my most treasured memories.)
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design

Nicola - Operations Manager:
I love this ceiling light! It's by Young and Battaglia and is glamorous, decadent and sassy!
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Rockett St. George, £560,

Charlette - Interior Designer:
A piece of furniture I would most like to own is this wardrobe from Pinch Design. It's sculptural, has mid-century inspired relief-panelled doors, an interior configuration to suit your needs - so you're not stuck with random shelves, there are a selection of colours available and finally just because it's a timeless design!
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Pinch Design, £3495 - £6470,

Alysha - Studio Assistant:
I love this copper gecko lamp by Cravt Original that just sits of the wall. I imagine it in a conservatory or a really nice sun room with lots of leafy plants and white furniture and bam, this wonderful gecko on the wall!
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Uber Interiors, £568,

This Karla armchair by Daniel Heath would be my ideal reading chair. I really love the fabric used, the website says it's Art Deco inspired, but I think I can see some African print influences in there as well. I just really like it!
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Swoon Editions, £449,

Sharon - Interior Designer:
This Martone St. Germain Orange Bike would make my morning commute a little brighter...
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Conran Shop, £995,

And these Neverending Glory suspension lamps by Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus would make my evening a little lighter...
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(mohd, $1699 - $2233,

Lucinda - PR & Marketing Manager:
There are two items that I've selected, the first is Conran's beautiful Hector Bibendum Turquoise Cord Table Lamp. I love this lamp because of its simple curves and beautiful shape while the striking turquoise cord brings the subtlety of it to life.
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Conran Shop, £170,

The second is Siberia Dark Wallpaper by Witch and Watchman, available from Rockett St George. I would love this wallpaper to line the walls of my guest loo! However as I own neither a guest loo, nor the apartment I live in, and am fairly certain that neither my landlord and or partner would be too pleased if I built a guest loo just so that it could be wallpapered, this beautiful paper is something that I'm going to have to keep on my wish-list for the time being!
The Items We Covet at Suna Interior Design
(Rockett St George, £240 per roll,

What are the design items that you covet?