Showhome Showcase : The New Blue (posted 26th June 2012)

There is nothing so seasonal as a colour.

In the interior design industry we see colour trends come and go in a continual flow. Out now with olive greens, in with bright citrus limes. Aubergine and purples have transmuted into bright pinks. Muted shades of strong colour have made way for Eighties brights, revealing themselves in fashion and interiors alike.

This bright royal blue is the "new blue", vibrant and eyecatching. A year or so ago, you would struggle to find this exact shade. Wallpaper and fabric books would come close but no cigar, just missing by a shade or two, but now this blue is in the high street and bang on trend.

Show apartments are the perfect vehicle for trend colours, as the apartment will probably only be in situ for a year or so. So, at the moment, we can go the full hog with a bang-on-bright, ensuring the show home looks current and on trend.

Our client for Base7 development in Brentwood approved a bright blue and white, crisp, modern scheme for their most recent show apartment. The blue is perfect, and the strength of the colour is such a lovely backdrop and accent next to white white white.