The perks of an office pet (posted 20th February 2015)

Office pets - do you wish you had one? I'm not reffering to Fred the goldfish whose friends Bob and Patrick mysteriously disappeared, and who is now left to circulate his bowl in the meeting room. I'm talking about an office dog!

A friendly face to greet you and give you a 'I-don't'care-what-your client/colleague/boss (insert appropriate) just-said,-I-still-love-you' look at the end of a long day. You'll never have to worry about crumbs on the floor ever again, and if the dishwasher goes on the blink, I'm pretty certain that your office dog will volunteer to do the rinse cycle.

To test the waters we've had a few doggy interns recently, and we were impressed by their skills!

The perks of an office pet
Dolly applied for the secretarial position and took paws to answer the phone.

The perks of an office pet
Basil Fewster applied for a managerial position and found himself rather easily suited to Helen's chair...

We're currently in the Persuading Stages: one director down, one to go! Wish us luck!

The perks of an office pet
Scratchy, our desk dog, enjoying a cup of tea