We Love Colour (And Fridays) (posted 28th November 2014)

It's been a banging morning at Suna Interior Design today, and the reason is that we're expanding, not just our waistlines from tucking into the early Christmas chocolates, but our office space! When we first moved in to this office we thought we had ample space... and then we grew and got more fabric books and ordered more samples and hired more staff and just had generally more stuff!

So we 've increased our warehouse (by renting the entire floor below us - so now we're able to offer our clients the option to store their items here, between jobs.) We're making our office space bigger (by taking over the old fabric room) and we're turning some of the old warehouse into our new fabric room (which will also be where we house the pool / ping-pong table, we haven't decided which yet!)

And of course we're doing it in style. Two beautiful reclaimed wooden doors will lead from the office space into the fabric room, which, apart from being spacious and light also boasts a bright emerald green floor! What can we say, we love colour (and Fridays!)

We Love Colour (And Fridays)
The beautiful reclaimed wooden doors, which will swing elegantly from space to space.

We Love Colour (And Fridays)
A work in progress - pre heating, shelves, any furniture at all really, just the bright emerald green walls.

We Love Colour (And Fridays)
Not as glamorous, but the vast warehouse space we now have - also a work in progress!