We remember David Bowie (posted 22nd January 2016)

Twelve sad days ago the legend, David Bowie, passed away. This was marked in many ways around the world. In the office we spent Monday 11th listening to some of his most famous songs and that evening Gabs went to the memorial in Brixton...

We remember David Bowie
The crowd gathered in Brixton.

Here are some of our memories of David Bowie:

Gabs: "I went to see his Serious Moonlight Tour once and was there for the sound check... gorgeous memory and I still have the moon balloon (sadly deflated)." Her top three Bowie songs are: Heroes, Wild is the Wind and Kooks.

We remember David Bowie
Street artist, James Cochran's mural of David Bowie painted in 2013 on the wall of Morley's department store in Brixton, where Bowie was born in 1947. 

We remember David Bowie
Ritzy Cinema in Brixton pays tribute.

We remember David Bowie
Sharon's memory is from the song Starman.

While Alysha has signed a petition to have a statue of David Bowie erected in Beckenham, Kent, where he once used to live. 

To quote the man himself, "look up here, I'm in heaven", Lazarus.