Week 10: Calling Kandinsky (posted 22nd April 2013)

As the weeks and work winds on, the office canvas is being prepared to receive the first layer of paint. When asked what they would be up to this week, there was a resounding response of “painting, painting and a little more painting” from the craftsmen on site. That is not all that will be taking place this week – each room is beginning to express its purpose. Work continues in the kitchen, while in the studio storage has begun to be constructed. 

Week 10: Calling Kandinsky

Studio space - before it's filled

The old toilets have been stripped out in the lavatory, along with the sink – pending the plumbers. 

Week 10: Calling Kandinsky

Cubicles awaiting their new thrones

There are still plenty of jobs to complete – the last of the glazing is receiving putty; fire doors will need to be bought and hung, oh, and a spot more painting?