Week 12: Organised Chaos (posted 7th May 2013)

At the end of this week we move into our new offices – a very exciting prospect. Chatting to the workmen on site this morning I was told that there would be a lot of cleaning taking place this week, that and dusting.

And of course there are the finishing touches: changing a kitchen unit, final coats of paint for the blackboard, wallpapering the Boardroom, superior amounts of sorting (especially in the Warehouse) and completing the studio cabinetry building. 

Week 12: Organised Chaos

The Bathroom - unit awaiting its final touches

Week 12: Organised Chaos

The Boardroom - marble table in situ, with the wall prepped for papering

Week 12: Organised Chaos

The Studio - almost there

Week 12: Organised Chaos

And if you haven't see our Facebook and Twitter feeds from last week, our fabulous floor, completed on Friday afternoon

The next time we blog there will be even more organised chaos, and we won't even mention packing up the old office - we do believe in fairies...