Week 2: Construction Continued (posted 1st March 2013)

Arriving on site, the smell of sawdust welcomes you as work continues in our Deer Park Road offices. The workmen have been busy with behind the scenes work this week, as we gear up to replace glazing and install walls next week.

From Monday the electricians have been engaged in putting up light cases, installing cables, plug sockets and covers - ensuring that all the electrics are in place. At the moment the space is rather open to the elements, and as the weather does not yet seem to have received the memo about spring arriving today, the electricians have also ensured that they have a warm 'tea-office' to retreat to at 11:00, 15:00 and various other times of the day.

Structurally the stud work is starting to go up and the room layout is beginning to give the space some definition and put the design into context. It was even suggested that some plaster boarding may go up this afternoon. 

Week 2: Construction Continued

Framework construction