Week 8: It's getting hot in here... (posted 8th April 2013)

And that’s not just from the sun! Last week the plumbing pipe-work was put in and the old boiler was removed – in preparation for the eagerly awaited heating. The kitchen and bathroom-ware were also delivered, ready for installation. And the glazing work continues, with those panes already in place, in the puttying-process.

This morning I walked into a rather dusty warehouse. Hastily stepping into the passage, through the haze of sanded wall, the office space is enjoying the continuous transformation process too. With the heating now on, the electrician was eager to give me a demonstration of each of the different bulbs that have been trialled. At present we have five options, varying in wattage, lifespan and brightness. 

Week 8: It's getting hot in here...

Light filtering through the dusty warehouse

Week 8: It's getting hot in here...

Continuing progress on the office-side