Weekend Home Blog : my collection of collections (posted 26th May 2012)

It's been a busy week of installations in London and Cambridge, and a question that always seems to be asked by a variety of people on site is "I bet your house is lovely?".... (along with the ever original contribution "if I'd known I would have bought all my shirts" when you are standing ironing bedding, wardrobe contents, napkins etc etc)

Yep, I love my house. But show house it ain't. At Suna Interior Design we pride ourselves on creating show houses that represent a reality, a personality, an aspiration. No two Suna show homes are the same, every design is unique, every scheme is individual, we don't have a warehouse of accessories, we shop for each and every job to ensure variety and uptodateness (have I just made a word up? Helen and I are good at that..."horridious" = horrid+hideous ie REALLY bad.....I digress).

But our own homes have been built on and amended and added to and taken away from and influenced over years and we have to take other family members opinions into account ("Really?" I hear our husbands say). And children....their bedrooms start off as beautiful examples of taste and gorgeousness, and then the plastic toys move in, and the plastic toys expand and flow out of the bedroom and into every available corner of the house. But it is a home and I do have my corners of loveliness.

In my house we collect. Birthdays and Christmas and Anniversaries are a doddle, buy me a vintage bag, a perfume bottle, a soda syphon or a pair of shoe keeps and I am happy! Buy hubby a pair of old spectacles (or a star wars figure, but that collection isn't quite so well received by moi) and he is sorted. We have all of the above, plus a variety of 60's table and floor lamps (most courtesy of my grandfather, founding member of mid 20th century lighting company Tucker and Edgar), every possible cooking vessel, implement or gadget, and a varied mix of artwork and pictures on every available scrap of wall.

It is what makes my house my home. Other do coordinated and matching, we really are not capable. Others do minimal, we don't. Others do neat and tidy, we don't (we do organised clutter!)....

And we love it.