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We're in... (posted 14th May 2013)

We're in...

Just! Friday was the big moving day, where the usual transitional chaos rained down until later in the afternoon when things started to get rather exciting and we began to be able to see just how wonderful our new offices are (going to be).

Yesterday we had the electrician, Nicola our Office Manager learnt all about the new photocopier and the boys did a sterling job continuing to unpack all the boxes. While on the office side we were eagerly awaiting the installation of our phone lines and internet.

In the mean time we made tea in our new kitchen several times and held our first meeting while enjoying a selection of seating: a magnificent leather Chesterfield sofa, four individual chairs and a bespoke sofa. 

This afternoon we delighted in the joys of full inboxes and Google - we're back online!

We're in...

With a number of boxes unpacked, we've been able to access our desks and sit on our lovely antique leather chairs.

We're in...

The Boardroom awaits it's beautiful wallpaper and blackboard wall, and of course the eminent arrival of Lord's Tucker and Fewster to tell us all that we're 'hired'!

We're in...

The entrance, cleared in time for yesterday's large delivery, but somehow filled again.

We're in...

Our first meeting: Gabs, Shaz, Elle and Nic enjoy the comfy new chairs.

We're in...

Pictures for the passage, and at the far end, a floor length mirror.

We're in...

The Studio in all its glory

Thank you to all who have been involved, it is a very exciting space and we’re looking forward to spending many wonderful, creative hours in it. We’ll keep you updated and post more images once we’re completely up and running. And finally thank you to everyone who has had a slightly delayed response to our emails or calls, without internet access we were using our computers as typewriters, and expected a flood of telegrams at any minute!

Our new address is: 12a Deer Park Road, London, SW19 3UQ.